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Vet bills are our biggest budget item every year, as we often rescue dogs that are in need of major care. Please consider donating to our Special Needs Vet Fund! We are a 5013c Charitable Organization and your donation is 100% deductible. 


Frida is an adorable and spunky gal who is seriously loved by her new family. When Frida arrived under the care Underdog Railroad Rescue she was placed in a foster home. We knew she had a heart murmur, but what wasn’t known at the time was how bad it was. With a vet check and tests, we found that Frida has a serious congenital birth defect. This places her in the position of developing congestive heart failure or other complications without intervention. According to the vet-specialist, Frida is a great candidate to have a surgical procedure completed. The diagnosis is Congenital Patent Ductus Arterioles (PDA), and the procedure costs between $2500-$2900 (which includes hospitalization). 

Frida is living a full and happy but Frida’s heart condition, has her on the fast track to congestive heart failure, and without surgery, her life would be short and uncomfortable. Frida looks forward to a long and healthy life where she can run without worry. 

Please click here to make a donation to URR’s Vet Fund so we can provide support to Frida and other Underdogs like her who need medical attention.

With love & happiness…
Jody Kurilla
Founder of Underdog Railroad Rescue


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Underdog Railroad Rescue has a variety costs associated with rescuing dogs. There are fees to get the dogs out of the shelter, boarding costs in California, and transportation fees to get them to Oregon to start their new lives. Once the dogs arrive in Oregon, we take them for a check at the vet and to make sure they are up-to-date on vaccines. All of our dogs are also spayed and neutered before moving to their new homes. We also have many costs once the dogs are in foster homes, we provide food, crates, leashes, collars, and even toys. All of these costs add up quickly, and adoption fees don’t always cover the costs of the dog. With your help, we can save even more dogs, and we appreciate any donation you can make.



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Like we mentioned above, Underdog also has many costs once the dogs are in foster homes, we provide food, crates, leashes, collars, and even toys! If you’d like to help us with some of these supplies, we’ve got an Amazon Wishlist with items on it that we always need for our dogs, high-quality food being the most important.

Check out our wishlist and see if there is something you can help provide for our wonderful Underdogs.
When you purchase items from our Amazon Wishlist, the supplies are sent directly to us to provide for the dogs. Thank you!!



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